5 Escorting Myths

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What do you know about escorts and their trade?

Now, let's get real, when you hear the word "Birmingham escort", a number of assumptions may naturally fill your head. Don't worry, we all have our own beliefs that we have been raised with. It's just unfortunate that when it comes to the escorting trade that these assumptions can be quite harmful.

Many people don't want to even look into what an escort actually is, too afraid of the backlash that these sort of questions will bring them. If you are interested in what an escort actually is, it is well within your rights to ask what this adult profession is and what sort of expectations do clients have when meeting up with these women and men. Don't listen to the rumours or fall for the myths. Instead, find out real facts from the mouths of the escorts themselves. Here are the top 5 escorting myths that might get you into hot water if you assume they are true!

The myths in all their glory:

Myth One: Escorts are Prostitutes

So, this is one of the oldest myths in the escorting handbook. People always are confusing escorts for prostitutes. But we can happily say that they are both completely different things. Prostitutes solely offer their clients sexual services. However, escorts offer far more than this for the suitors they meet. They are entertainers and have worked hard to offer their clients a night of charm, charisma and fun. Escorts meet with men (and women) who may be feeling, sad, lonely or stressed, and offer them the chance to relax in their company. This is what separates them and makes their services completely legal.

Myth Two: Escorts are solely interested in offering wild sex

Whilst some of the escorts in Birmingham do boast to be able to take care of all their clients' needs, but others are not as interested in producing a wild and raunchy time. Instead, they cater to taking care of a gentleman caller's romantic and emotional needs. Most of the men who hire escorts are not looking for an over-the-top experience. Instead, they want a Girlfriend Experience (GFE), where they can cuddle and indulge in a soft and sensual experience with their Birmingham companion.

Escorts are not sex toys and have full autonomy over their bodies and actions. If they are concerned about an encounter then they have every right to stop it before it goes any further. These women are not desperate and instead are proud of their bodies and the services they offer. All they demand in return is respect from their clients and from their chosen escort agencies.

Myth Three: Only broken people become escorts

No, not all women who join the escorting industry are desperate and have no skills when it comes to finding a standard job. In reality, it's quite the contrary, as a lot of the women actually have degrees, come from good backgrounds and are very intelligent. There are only a few people who give the rest of the industry a bad name.

You should not judge the escorts Birmingham provides on old stereotypes, like those from Pretty Women. Escorts are sophisticated and know exactly how to judge a situation for what it is worth. If you take them out for a fine dining experience, you will see that they will always do their best to make you look good.

Myth Four: The punters are always violent towards their escorts

Again, this myth is due to a bunch of bad eggs ruining the good names of other suitors. No, not all clients are like this. The women who service them are not "damaged goods" and are actually servicing people who are just looking for companionship. Although some encounters can end poorly, this is a stereotype that is not shared by every escort. The escorting community is very protective of its workers and tends to band together to protect workers against bad clients. National Ugly Mugs works hard to end violence against sex workers. They post information about any dangerous individuals to make sure that bad punters can be avoided. Agencies are also happy to ban bad clients to protect their workers and make sure they cannot be contacted again.

Myth Five: Escorts only see men who are desperate for sex

Did you know that the typical sort of clients Birmingham escort agencies interact with are married 40 - 50-year-old men? In fact, more than that, they are happily married men. These men are normal, have good jobs, a family, but maybe a lacking an intimate connection with their wives, or just want more sex than what they are receiving, but do not want to pressurise their partners. Escorts do not interact with unstable clients. Instead, they focus on those who will treat them kindly and give them the respect they deserve for the services they provide.

What is your opinion of our Hot Birmingham Escorts?

Our sexy Birmingham escorts are a one of a kind experience and should never be archetyped into a single category. They are all individuals and will always do their best to make sure that their clients have a fun time on their dates. That is why you should never listen to the rumours about the escorting industry. Better yet, if you have seen one of our beautiful Birmingham companions, leave a review about them to set the record straight! 

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