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5 things you should NEVER say to an Escort

When someone is providing such a personal and bespoke service to you, it's good to be mindful and wary of how we treat them, and that we're respectful towards them. This applies to when booking in some companionship with an escort, as the service that they are providing you is extremely personal, and escorts make an effort of making your experience unique to you.

At Hot Birmingham Escorts, all of our escorts are of the highest level of professionalism and are patient, and polite to you at all times. However, a few odd comments could rub her up the wrong way and make her choose to decline and of your future bookings, and even possibly warning other escorts of your disrespect. Whether you mean to say certain things that can put her off or not, knowing how to behave towards your escort can help you prevent yourself landing your foot in it and waving goodbye to ever seeing that beautiful bombshell again. To keep your manners polished and your conversation appropriate, here are a few pointers of what NOT to say to your escort:

"Sorry I'm Late"

When making a booking with an escort, be mindful of the arranged time and date to make sure that you are prompt. Escorts like if you display good timekeeping and don't like to be left waiting around or left hanging. If something does come up and you are going to be running late, be sure to let her know so she doesn't think you've bailed or forgotten, and to also show her that you are professional and respectful towards her and her own time. Be sure to let her know in advance if you're running late by giving her or the agency a ring if you have a number to pass along this information so that your escort knows to wait patiently for you and won't feel as though you've just last minute rolled out of bed to meet her.

"Get Those Off"

Yes, you've paid for a service, and your escort has the responsibility of giving you an excellent experience and that she pleases you, but always keep in mind that she IS a human, and she isn't just to be demanded to do things as and when you please. It never hurts to say please and if you would like her to undress if you've agreed to take things further, then always be well mannered when asking her do to something for you rather than demanding her to.

"I Don't Want to Shower"

Hearing this might make your escort feel like running straight out the door and personally blacklisting you herself from the agency! Personal hygiene is something that we should all consider extremely important and if it's something that you disregard, especially if expecting to be intimate with your escort, then this will be a massive turn off for her! If she has asked you to shower and you refuse then she can turn down continuing with the services until you are clean.

"I'll Pay You After"

Big no. Your escort will want to get the transaction out of the way as cash handling between an escort and a client is something that should be done with discretion to avoid incriminating either of you, and should be done before the service can begin. It's a paid service so be sure that you give her the money that you both agreed on, no haggling and no time wasting.

"You Look Different In Person"

Whether you didn't even mean this in a bad way, and in fact you meant that in person she is absolutely breathtaking, then be sure to be tactful about how you compliment your escort. You can either come off incredibly sleazy with "hey baby you're fit", or very vague comments such as "you look different" can leave your escort maybe feeling insecure and as though you aren't pleased with her looks.

Just simply being a gentleman can be the one difference between a blossoming companionship between you and your escort, or never seeing the girl of your dreams again. Be careful about how you tread, and always be mindful of her feelings. Thanks for reading!