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Breaking The Ice

Starting a conversation and trying to avoid dead-silence with escorts can be one of the most awkward situations we can encounter in our lives. Especially if we have no good way to break the silence and it prolongs even more with every second feeling like an hour and the incredible silence seeming louder than any other sound. 

Some people are very good at breaking this silence and immediately getting a conversation flowing, other people, however, struggle a little more and find the intensity heightened because of this.

 When you meet a gorgeous escort for the first time, you may experience similar circumstances where your mind seems to have gone blank and you're clinging on for dear life to not say anything incredibly stupid. We've all been there. which is why we thought it would be a good idea today to give you some helpful tips on how to break the silence and get a conversation flowing. 

We've compiled a short list of start-up topics to get you going, so without furhter ado, let's get into some of the great icebreakers you can use to start a titanic conversation, starting with:


Who doesn't love music? It's the most consumed product in the world for a reason and although we all have completely different tastes in genre, artist and sound, there is still common ground to be found on simply sharing the love of music. Some people are casual listeners and others have a deep passion for music, whether it's because they make music or just love listening to it. 


This is a great way for you to break the ice and get a conversation going as well as finding out more about the person you're with. What if you share a similar taste or an exact same taste in music, what if your gorgeous escort loves to sing in her spare time. Either way, there can be plenty to talk about on the subject of music whether you are a listener or an active musician. 


As well as music one of the most popular forms of entertainment is movies. Movies are wide-spread and people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds share a common interest in the characters featured on the silver screen. You may find you share a similar taste in films or a complete opposite taste which can still spark an interesting conversation. 
Even luckier your bomb-shell booking may be a movie buff and this conversation is right up her alley. Movies are a wonderful thing to talk about as you can use it as a segway to learn more about the person you're with. What movies did they enjoy growing up? What movies do they enjoy now? Why? It's a rich subject matter and it doesn't take much more than a 'Do you like movies?' to get started.


Fashion is a big part of the companionship industry. Escorts often pride themselves on the designer outfits they wear and incredibly expensive and sexy lingerie they have ready to rock for their clients. As well as expensive dresses and fancy lingerie our escorts also wear designer shoes and make sure they are high-class and of an elite standard for all clients and because fashion is such an extensive part of an escorts career, you can bet they are up to date on all the latest fashion trends and even enjoy talking about a dress or two. 

Take an interest and you'll find fashion can be a great conversation starter and if she likes what you're wearing, because of the nature of the conversation you may just get a few cheeky compliments your way yourself and then let the continued smooth-talk commence. 

So there we have it, just a few short tips on how to avoid any awkward silences and get a smooth and wonderful conversation going to ensure you're entire experience during the booking is a pleasant one. Good luck, and have fun!