Escorting Terms and Lingo!

If you ever find yourself confused at the various acronyms and industry lingo when reading through an escort's profile, don't be embarrassed - after all, if nobody bothers to explain what these escort-specific terms mean, then how are you to know? Here at Hot Escorts Birmingham, we aim to rectify that problem by providing this list of explanations and definitions for common escorting terms and lingo that you will encounter on this site. 


GFE stands for 'Girlfriend Experience', this a popular type of service provided by many of our escorts in Birmingham. If you're a potential client looking to have a more bespoke and intimate companionship service provided, then the girlfriend experience is something that would be better suited for you to seek out. Many clients choose the girlfriend experience because it gives the fantasy of your escort actually treating you as though you're a couple, pampering you and being attentive to you at all times, and meeting your needs. Of course, all our services ensure 100% effort on our escorts part, but the GFE allows her to go that extra mile for you to make you feel special. Here at Hot Escorts Birmingham, we offer the finest GFE escorts in Birmingham.

Full Service

A full service is basically self-explanatory. Some clients are very particular about the type of service that they want, whether it be wanting a massage or just having a beautiful escort dress up in a specific outfit purely for you to appreciate and gaze at her beauty. However, if you're requesting an enhanced service further than basic companionship then a full service is what you're needing to ask for. Meet your escort in a hotel room in an area like Derby or Kidderminster and you can enjoy a night out on the town followed by an intimate encounter or spend the evening alone with your escort in comfort!


A louder and more enhanced service, PSE stands for porn star experience which really, says it all. If this is the type of service that you're after, then it'll suit you to select one of our top 5 Birmingham escorts that specialise in certain fetishes that would suit your taste, such as bondage. Your escort will give you the full fantasy of being intimate with an experienced porn star.


A levels is for if you're specifically looking for an escort who provides anal as part of her services, and is something that she is open to, of course something that will need to be discussed with her first. This is a service that a lot of our escorts offer, but it is important to check first just to be sure, as if a girl doesn't have this service listed on their profile, chances are she will not want to provide it.


Our CMT escorts in Birmingham are certified massage therapists, so if this is listed in their services description then you know you're in for a night of pampering and relaxation. If you've had a long week at work and feel like you need to wind down a little, indulge in booking yourself in for a spot of companionship with a CMT, and leave yourself in her capable and caring hands. Whether you're working in a fast-paced environment at the heart of Birmingham like Birmingham Airport, or have an office job in Coventry, you will find yourself in need of a relaxing massage at some point in the week, and our CMT escorts are here to satisfy!


GND is for one of our particular types of escorts, our 'girl next door' escorts. A GND is the type of escort you're wanting to book if you want a sweet experience, maybe a few coffee's or a little chat. Our GND's are all very polite and pretty and can come across a little more reserved, however, don't be fooled as these girls are equally as hot, experienced and more than capable of giving you an exciting and memorable experience. If you're a woman searching for female escorts, then our selection of bisexual escorts in Birmingham is a great place to start.

Of course with the industry being so large, the lingo isn't limited to just the ones we've selected today, in fact we could probably end up making a dictionary of escorting terms! However, we hope this little run down gave you a bit more info if you've stumbled across an acronym that you've not yet figured out until now. Thanks for reading!