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Whatever it is you’re doing, the first time can be an intimidating and daunting experience. You’re filled with all sorts of emotions, nerves, anxiety, excitement, and you’re never really too sure what you’re even supposed to do. Receiving advice when you’re about to experience something for the first time is always welcome, and can calm some of your nerves if you know more of what to expect, and this is what we want to do for you.

Booking escorts with Hot Escorts Birmingham for the first time is a thrilling experience. You’ve hand-selected an absolutely stunning woman, who is going to give you her attention and companionship but of course, being a bit scared to spend time with a beautiful stranger is completely understandable, especially if you’re not the most confident person in the first place. If you’ve stumbled across this page because you’re looking to book an escort, or your contemplating booking one for the first time ever, then here are some tips for you to give you more insight on what to expect when booking an escort for the first time:

First things first, wow! You’ve booked some time with someone who you find insanely attractive and you’re nervous as hell. Remember, keep calm. Focus on your breathing, the last thing you want is to begin sweating and palpitating, especially on first meeting. First impressions are everything. You need to ensure that you’re presentable so it shows that you have put the effort in, just as your beautiful escort will also do.

Clean & Gleam

Hygiene is of very great importance to clients, and if this is something that you overlook, this could jeopardise your booking and your escort may cancel. Be sure that you’ve showered and you’ve presented yourself as if you would if you were going for a job interview. Effort is always appreciated by an escort, and it’ll help her open up to you more and become more comfortable around you. She will let you know if something makes her uncomfortable, and if she’s uncomfortable, how can she proceed to please you? Ensure that you are well groomed, a clean-shave wouldn’t go amiss, and bad breath is a BIG no! If you’re expecting your escort to get a bit physical with you, the last thing she will want in her face is bad breath. It is extremely crucial that your physical health and wellbeing is checked over before you book an escort, to confirm that you have no STDs or anything infectious that could put the escorts health at risk.

No Mess, No Stress

Now that you’ve spruced up, and you’re looking good and ready to impress, you need to make sure you’re not bringing her into a dingy, depressing environment. Clutter and mess can really dampen the mood wherever you are, so it’s important to make sure that you’ve whipped the hoover out, there’s no dirty laundry lying around, and that the place isn’t gathering dust. You can feel on edge if you’re not comfortable in your environment, and it’ll also be distracting and difficult for your escort to pay full attention to you, if there’s a mess around you both. Wherever you are, if it’s a hotel room or in your own home, have products ready for her that she may need, like toiletries e.g. body lotions, wipes. Remember, lack of effort can make an escort feel unappreciated.

Tour The Floor

You’re looking good, and your boudoir is looking spic and span. Your escort has finally arrived after all of your anxious anticipation, and you’re feeling a little nervous. Offer her a drink if she wishes, and first just get to know each other a little. Escorts appreciate if you’re open with them, and that you discuss with them that your boundaries are, and what you’re wanting from this experience. She will also be open with you so that you’re both on the same page, so that you can both feel relaxed and break the ice a little. After this, it’s a good idea to give your escort a little tour of her surroundings so that she knows where everything is and is more familiar of where she’ll be spending her time.

Pay To Play

Although the escort is the one providing the service, it’s important that you also remain professional. As difficult as it is to restrain yourself, it’s proper to not try and have any physicalities with your escort until a payment has been fully processed. Due to the nature of the escorting industry, the topic is a very grey area and these interactions are to be a little more discreet. All payments must be in cash to avoid any cancelled or retracted transactions, and to secure your booking. Even though you are handling cash, be wary of where this transaction is made, and don’t make it such a public transaction as this could incriminate either of you. Escorts prefer if you leave the money sealed in an agreed location for her to collect, so her services can get kicked into gear.

Bear in mind, prices can’t be negotiated once your escort arrives. If you have booked her, you are to pay the cost that you both initially agreed on. Of course tips are accepted if you’re more than pleased with your time with an escort, and she’ll be very happy that you enjoyed your time that much. Strictly no haggling, as this shows unprofessionalism and can also get you blacklisted from the agency that you booked from.

The most important thing is to treat your escort with the utmost respect. Treat her how you’d expect to be treated, and take care not to cross any boundaries than you have both set. Be caring, gentle, and kind, and of course, have fun! Thanks for reading.