How to impress an Escort

Regardless if you’ve been a hardened veteran of Birmingham escort services or a green-nose newbie, you most likely want to impress your escort and make sure that she likes you, at least a little bit. Of course, when you’re booking an escort, they are there for you; but if you wish to impress her regardless, these are a few things to be looking out for and doing to make sure that your date goes as smoothly as you envisioned it. 

It is oftentimes not the goal of an escort meet for the girl to like you or be impressed by you, after all you hired them to look after you, not vice versa; but just as with any other inter-personal relationship, it definitely makes things to smoother and better if you like each-other. This blog will outline a few simple things you can do to make sure that your escort is impressed by you. So, let’s get started! 

1. Stay clean and smell good 

This one is quite self explanatory and hopefully should come with some basic common sense. This tip is quite universal, it doesn’t just apply to escort dates but it should apply to everything you do in your life. Always be clean and smell good. Did you know that someone who smells nice and clean is instantly much more attractive than if they didn’t? While I said this applies universally, it is really important in the context of an escort meeting for various reasons. 

If your date is going to service you and look after you, they would prefer to perform their jobs in a clean environment that smells good, after all, I’m sure you’ve experienced what it smells like when someone doesn’t wash and it’s an instant turn off! Whether it means that you take a shower before your escort comes over or when you arrive at her incall location doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are clean and smell good! 

2. Treat her with respect and as a human being 

In an industry where companionship is the commodity, true, meaningful connections could be rare for some. This could lead some escorts to feeling isolated or overblown by the mechanical nature of some of their meets which surely take a lot of the joy and fun out of providing such services. This issue is very easily avoided by a few simple tips. First of all and most importantly, treat your escort with respect. Be kind, give them ample space and time to do their job and most importantly respect their boundaries. This alone could easily make her feel a lot more comfortable with you and open up the nature of your professional relationship to be on the way to becoming a friendship soon enough.

One thing you really need to remember is that just as your waiters and doctors who help you are human beings with likes, dislikes and a whole life of their own, the exact same applies to your escorts that see you. She may have specific preferences, habits or simply just a very busy life that she might love to chat about so never be afraid to strike up small conversations when there is some time to be filled. Of course, there is a fine balance between talking and being intrusive, you never want to pry but it doesn’t hurt trying to get to know you escort, especially if you plan on being a return client. 

3. Always arrange the services you’re seeking before meeting

One of the most common nightmare clients that an escort encounters is the type who shows up to the meeting asking for much more than already agreed. Especially with agencies, it’s really important that everyone is informed of what transactions may be taking place to make sure that the safety of the escort and the trust of you as a client doesn’t get breached. This is important because it’s needed to make sure that the escort stays safe and that you are not being under or over charged for any service that may be going underway. 

We understand that sometimes you may realise you have forgotten to ask or mention a service you may be seeking and in cases such as these it’s important to try to call the agency as soon as possible and let them know, before the escort has left to meet you. If you have really messed up and only remembered after the escort left, it is still worth calling the agency and letting them know as they might be able to make some last minute adjustments for you. 

4. Don’t try to sexually blow her mind 

An important thing to keep in mind. The amount of narcissistic men that we have encountered before who think that they’re doing the escort a favour by seeing them is simply painstakingly large. These men are insecure and harmful and this type of behaviour will lead you to not only being blacklisted by most agencies but being disliked by every escort and girl that you may encounter. You need to remember, you’re paying for her time. She is there to do her job which she has chosen to do. She is not there to have her expectations blown away or to have someone tell her that she should be the one paying at the end after how much she enjoyed it. Please, don’t be that guy. 

Not only is this type of behaviour extremely childish and unprofessional but it is also incredibly repulsive in any context. Please try to remember that you aren’t there to make your escort fall in love with you or to “convert” her from this lifestyle, she is doing what she wants to because she enjoys it and your performance isn’t going to change that, no matter how hard you try. So please save yourself and your escort the stress and just be a nice person. 

5. Make the meeting as smooth and painless as possible for your escort 

In an industry where punctuation is more important than ever, being an escort can be an incredibly stressful and exhausting task that could take even the most weathered souls by surprise. Rude clients, exhausting work, personal worries and timekeeping are only a few of the infinite reasons that an escort may find it difficult to work in a perfect way. This is why the least you can do is arrange your date in a manner that makes sure that if your escort is waiting for you to arrive then you arrive on time, if not at least 10 minutes early. 

If you’re waiting for your escort, make sure that you’re ready and clean by the time she arrives and that you prepare your bedroom and anything else you might be needing for your date. Give her some time to shower and freshen up and when she’s ready, smoothly start with some talking to ease the atmosphere and transition into your date. 

I hope that these few short tips were enough to enlighten you into the ways of truly impressing an escort and making sure that you get on with her. If you’re ever struggling to think of what to do, a good rule I usually go by is this; ask yourself: am I being respectful? If you check with yourself before you say things, things tend to go much better.