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Is Escorting a Taboo Job?

The term "escort" is tossed around frequently, yet it often can be used out of context, or even in a derogatory form. Those who don't understand the industry typically make use of it to describe a girl who uses the profession as a front for shady or otherwise undesirable activities. As a result many people see escorting as a taboo job, one that is smeared with a bad reputation and has been for centuries.

The actual fact of the problem has been an escort is really as on the up or more as any other legal. Occupation, career or vocation, whether it is, we can say that escort (woman) practice a job. So whether this is your first-time considering an escort or it is becoming second nature, do not be anxious; Hiring an escort is most likely the most fun you should have in Birmingham. 

The actual nature of the problem is people's attitudes to escorting as a job, and how often people get confused between an escort and a courtesan. Generally speaking, a lot of people will not know the difference, but they are very different both in their actual job roles and their legality, so to understand why the two are completely seperate, we must answer a pressing question...

What exactly is an Escort?

Most people feel that an escorts and courtesans are one and the same. This is totally wrong. Although there are certain similarities between the professions, as both require peak levels of physical attractiveness and both market their girls based on sex appeal.

However, the main distinction between the two jobs is that a courtesan is hired by a client with the specific intention of gratifying their sexual wishes, or in other words, they are hired for the sole purpose of sex

An escort, on the other hand, is quite different. Employed for entertainment purposes, an escort is required to not only be physically attractive but also have great personalities, as they are often hired to fill the role of a partner or plus one for men at parties, dinners or other social activities. Escorts are also trained in massaging, conversational skills and social ettiquette, so they are prepared for anything from an affluent evening dinner to a client who simply wants some female company.

The issue arises when, in modern society, the word 'courtesan' is assigned to escorts, which is not only factually incorrect but also rude.

A courtesan will engage only in sexual acts for the money, and that is one of the primary reasons why the profession is illegal. An escort plays the role of friend or partner, and the payment is for their services as a source of companionship rather than for intimacy.

Escort Agencies

Escort services typically request client-escort meetings that can occur at residences, restaurants, pool or resort rooms.

In some instances, the escort agency may request the escort to go with a customer for travel on holidays, getaways, vacation trips or business travels.

Some escort services provide escorts to execute massages and stripteases, that are legal activities. Such escorts agencies may necessitate their escorts to sign an agreements that specifically prohibit prostitution, and many escort agencies are actually vehemontly against the prostitution industry, as it damages the reputation of honest escorting services.