Naughty or Nice! The Choice is Yours

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Are you being a Good Boy or Bad Boy this Evening?

We have the hottest escorts Birmingham has to offer, all of whom are ready and waiting to make your fantasies come to life. That is the main reason why you would meet up with one of them in the first place! Whether you are after a feisty blonde companion or you are after a BDSM Mistress, your chosen escort is the sort of person who knows how to be flexible in order to meet even the pickiest of demands. At the end of the day, your sexy model is here to indulge you in your sexiest of fantasies. That is why they are ready to update their image and attitude to suit every desire you wish to see brought into physical form.

Do Escorts only act to please their clients?

This is a difficult question. Honestly, it is something that is based on the individual escort and what they enjoy. Our own Hot Birmingham Escorts are always ready to try a new experience and live up to all your expectations. During any sort of intimate experience, of course, they are going to act. At the end of the day, all sexual couples want to impress their partner and make the actual act more fun and intense. This is no different from how a normal long-term couple experience bedroom intimacy. Sometimes it may make you feel nervous that it is all acting and no actual pleasure. But this will never be the case.

An escort will always allow you to indulge in your own fantasy, but that is not to say that, as long as you try them kindly, that they won't enjoy themselves. It is only if you start disrespecting them that they may put an end to any naughty endeavours. So as long as you are open and honest about what you want, and also have a genuine interest in indulging your escort in return, your night will always end up being great fun for the pair of you.

What sort of Escort are you after?

One of the most fun parts of meeting up with an escort is discussing the sort of services you expect from them. Your Companion will always be willing to talk to you about what sort of person you want to indulge in your sexual pastimes. If you are interested in meeting for a date with your escort, do not worry, your escort will act completely normal. She will show you her true personality and would be happy to entertain you with a range of topics. But when you decide to go back to the bedroom, you have the opportunity to pick from a range of sexual personas that will fully satiate you for the evening. If you are not interested in a regular GFE service, then feel free to talk to your escort about the sort of woman you want to introduce to your bed. You can even just skip all of the dates altogether and just ask for your companion to appear at your door fully in character!

The Good Girl Approach

If you are interested in meeting a beautiful woman that can easily take on the persona of the "innocent virgin", then you will certainly be in for a treat during the evening time. Our Companions are always ready to tease their clients, whether that is through the "Girl-Next-Door" look or through a roleplay scenario, you will love seeing how classy and alluring your escort will become, especially if you are lucky enough to see her in white and lacey lingerie.

Should you be a Dom in the bedroom, then having a "Good Sub" who will obey your every command is something that is extremely enticing. Not only will your beautiful companion want to fully please you, but they will make sure to act like you are truly their one and only master. This is extremely sexy and you will love being able to indulge in her body completely. The fact that they are behaving like a "good girl" will make any dirty talk all the sweeter.

An additional pleasure that can be gained from the "Good Girl" Persona? The benefit of the GFE experience. Some clients just don't want to go to the extreme when it comes to sexual play. It can be extremely unappealing. Instead, they want someone who is "real" and is just being their kind and compassionate selves. These women are simply being true to themselves and are ready to make you feel loved for you just being yourself. Take things slowly and bathe in the warm loving afterglow when you are finished. These are the ultimately good girl escorts and are worth being indulged in.

The Bad Girl Approach

We understand that meeting up with our escorts will provide you with the opportunity to start exploring your sexuality and sexual interests. That is why you just have to go out on a date with one of our "Bad Girls." Of Course, in reality, they are not bad, but when it comes to bedroom antics, they are happy to take on the persona of a smoking temptress or indulge in playing the naughty vixen that can't wait to pounce on you. If you feel uncomfortable about your body, or feel a little shy, these sort of personas is the perfect thing to pull you out of your shell. Your escort will only be as naughty as you want her to be, so if there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable then you can easily let her know. Your Companion will always listen to your thoughts and feelings.

There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman who is in tune with her sexuality and who is a completely confident individual. She knows what she wants and exactly how to get it, meaning that you can simply sit back and relax as she indulges in your kinkiest fantasies. It can be extremely stressful to have to organise everyone in your day-to-day life. But with a "Bad Girl" escort, you have the opportunity to explore BDSM, Pain Play or just regular Domination. So take your time in acclimating to what sort of sexual domination arouses you. You can take it in small steps to get used to it before finally being able to fully let go to your naughty model.

Feel free to Join in!

You should not feel shy about indulging in any sort of sexual play. If there is a Naughty or Nice Persona that you want to take on during the act, then go for it! As long as you let your beautiful escort during your booking, then you are free to discuss the sort of sexual activity that you want. Your escort will always let you know about whether or not she is comfortable with your ideas. If she is not, then do not worry, there will always be a different companion in our Gallery who would be happy to meet with you.

Have Fun!