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Questions You Should NEVER ask your Escort

It can be a bit of a nuisance when it feels as though someone is prying into your life a little too much, especially if it's someone who you've only just met for the first time too. When coming face to face with the girl of your dreams who you've actually hand selected to give you a night to remember, it's easy to become overwhelmed with curiosity and wanting to get to know all about her. Our Hot Birmingham Escorts are so teasing even through their pictures, that just looking at them peaks your curiosity and wonder.

However, it's important to understand that although an escort is providing a service to you, you should be respectful that she is a person and maybe would like to keep some things private, which of course she has a right to. Prying too much and asking the wrong sorts of questions too can leave a nasty taste in your escorts mouth, and may influence her to refuse any of your bookings in the future, and could potentially even get you blacklisted from our agency as well as others. To avoid being stuck in a rut such as this, and to show your escort just how courteous and charming you are, here are 5 questions you shouldn't ask an escort:

Does your family know you're an escort?

First of all, this is something that you shouldn't feel that you need to concern yourself with. An escort is a consenting adult who makes her own decisions, and if they have chosen to conceal their profession then thats a decision that they've made for whatever reason, but ultimately to protect themselves and protect personal ties from being severed. Your escort is looking to give you a good time, and won't try to pry into your personal family life either, so don't try to be best mates just yet unless she chooses to start that conversation.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Like the first question, this is something that is deeply personal to escorts. Some escorts actually do have personal relationships outside of their escorting profession, however, if it's something that they haven't disclosed themselves, then it isn't something that you should pry about either. She is providing a paid service to you so it's only polite that you respect that you both know what you're getting out of the booking, and that she doesn't owe it to you to let you know if she's actually single or not. It could also put her off as it might indicate that you have an interest in her aside from just appreciating her services, and might make her fear that you'll try and pursue her on a personal level.

Whats your real name?

Identity protection is something that escorts hold at quite a high regard to avoid jeopardising certain things in their personal life that might be affected by the revelation of her being an escort. Escorts understandably are quite guarded about personal information such as their real name to avoid delicate information falling into the wrong hands, e.g. one client, in particular, may not have the best intentions and chooses to disclose this escorts real name to outsiders, exposing her. Unless she tells you her real name herself, except the one that she has given you.

Can I have a freebie?

Some clients who are regulars or who feel as though they've built a strong enough rapport with their escort, feel as though they are in a position to haggle and ask for further benefits such as free services or free dates outside of the booked time/date. Unless your escort has chosen to pursue a relationship with you outside of escorting, you must remain professional at all times and stick to agreed prices. Haggling is a huge turn off for clients and again can get you blacklisted from various agencies.

Why are you an escort?

This can be a seemingly innocent question but your escort may have very personal reasons for why she joined the profession and would like to keep it to herself. Again, on your part, you should only be appreciative that you've had the chance to partake in such an exciting experience with an absolute stunner, so the reasons why she's doing this shouldn't matter, as again she is a consenting adult with her own responsibilities and decisions to make.

We hope this little run down gave you a bit of insight into the types of queries that make escorts want to run in the other direction. Avoid being one of these prayers to ensure that your escort is comfortable in your presence at all times, and you may even become one of her regulars if you hit it off enough. Thanks for reading, and happy booking!