Romancing Your Escort

Everyone loves to be romanced, something which is especially true for the beautiful ladies we currently represent. Our escorts like to feel special, and when a client goes out of their way to treat them like a princess it never fails to enhance the connection between you and your date.

We’ve spent years delivering escort encounters to gentlemen across Birmingham and can say with certainty the experiences that turn out to be unforgettable are the ones where gentlemen are willing to go that extra mile. The girls we have working in Birmingham will do whatever it takes to impress you, and if they know you’re doing the same, trust when we say you’ll be treated like a king. Here are a few ideas for small things you can do to romance/impress your date:

Dress To Impress

Depending on what you’ve got planned for the evening, it’s always worth dressing to impress. We regularly get bookings from gentlemen interested in dinner dates and exploring Birmingham’s nightlife, and while our girls will of course dress the part it’s always appreciated when gentlemen do the same. Something this simple will show our girls you’ve put in as much effort to impress them for your special evening together.

Setting The Mood 

If you’re not looking to get out and about with your escort and would prefer to keep the evening’s events behind closed doors then there’s still plenty you can do. For example, if you’ve requested an outcall escort, why not set the mood in your apartment or hotel room by creating a romantic atmosphere. You can do this by lowering the lights, playing some soothing music, lighting a few candles, ensuring the place is tidy and maybe even have a few drinks ready for the both of you.

Treat It Like A Real Date 

While you are paying for the time, as far as our girls are concerned when you’re together you’re the only guy in the world. The reason our escorts are so popular is because they know how to make a guy feel special and for all intents and purposes treat you like their boyfriend. If from the moment you meet you treat them the same way, they’re going to be that much more affectionate towards you.

Gift Ideas

Gifts aren’t expected, which is why even a small token of your affection can go a long way with one of our Birmingham companions. We recommended something like flowers, a bottle of wine, or something else that isn’t over the top but shows you’ve thought about them beforehand.

The one thing we say to all clients is any amount of effort towards our escorts, no matter how little, is worth it.

Now we’ve given you some ideas, are you ready to book? We’ve made the process of doing so as simple as possible and offer 24/7 customer services to ensure you’re completely taken care of throughout the day. To book, simply choose a girl from any of the locations we cover then give us a call on 07392930144 or fill out a form online.