The Various Types of Erotic Massage

Hiring two erotic masseuses just for yourself may seem like going overboard (or even impossible), but there are many types of erotic massage that go further than your bog-standard one-on-one service. Erotic massage takes many forms, some of which you’ll be delighted to hear exist, so people book massage escorts for all sorts of reasons. However, the overarching reason for sampling any of the following disciplines is that they deliver bodily pleasure like no other. Let’s take a look at the various avenues you can go down when planning an erotic massage session. 

Tantra/Tantric Massage 

Although tantric massage is erotic by nature, the real goal is to become in-tune with your masseuse. Tantra is one of the few erotic massages on this list that has spiritual routes in modern Hindu traditions. A tantric massage will often lead to orgasm, but that is not actually the main intention. Tantra exists to help you live in the moment with a gorgeous masseuse rubbing her hands from head to toe and everything in between. If you happen to achieve orgasm, that is just an added benefit to the close, intimate connection you get with your dedicated masseuse. 

Thai Massage 

You will have heard of Thai massage due to the notoriety of the ‘happy ending’, however, what happens in between the start and climax of the service is more unique than you may think. Unlike most other massage practices, Thai massage takes place on a floor mat in place of a massage table. This allows your masseuse to safely manoeuvre over your body in ways that wouldn’t be possible on a massage table. 

A skilled Thai massage therapist will utilise all parts of her body including hands, feet, elbows and knees as part of a complete service. She will ease into deep stretches of your muscles and joints by applying heavy pressure to very specific parts of the body. Typically, you will be nude for the duration of a Thai massage session with the exception of a towel perhaps. By the end of a Thai massage, you feel deeply relaxed both physically and sexually, making it a service that provides more benefits than just an erotic happy ending.

Nuru/Body to Body Massage 

A close neighbour of Thai massage is nuru or ‘body to body’ massage as it is sometimes called. Japanese in origin, it involves a masseuse rubbing her naked body over yours, lubricated by nuru gel. This is a much more sensual experience than Thai massage, which can be a little more hard-hitting on the body. Nuru massage is a particularly specialist practice, but finding a masseuse who offers it is worth the wait. You will be left feeling extremely close with your masseuse after she has slid and grinded her immaculate figure over every inch of you. This is definitely one to try if you are comfortable with the extreme level of intimacy. 

Couples Massage 

Hiring a massage escort for yourself and your partner may seem like an adventurous idea, but it is a safe, non-judgemental way to experiment with polyamory and sexuality. If you book a couples escort for massage services, you can have her tend to one or both of you. Having just one of you receiving the massage allows the other to spectate or even join in the fun. What better way to explore new pathways to pleasure than with the guiding hand of an expert in erotic massage? You may even learn some new tricks to use on each other later and strengthen your sensual connection. 

4 Hands Massage 

Joining in with a couples massage technically turns it into a 4 hands massage, but this one is for your eyes and your body only. 4 hands involves having two separate masseuses work to relax and pleasure your body simultaneously. At the beginning of this form of erotic massage, you will likely try to keep track of who is doing what. However, after some time, your mind will surrender control and simply allow the massage to happen without keeping score. This form of erotic massage is especially useful for people who struggle to let go of control, and having the devotion of two beautiful erotic masseuses makes this surrender much easier to lean into. 

Lingam Massage 

You may not have thought this could exist, but lingam massage devotes its focus to the penis. This is no ordinary genital-centric erotic massage though. The focus may be on the penis, but this includes the shaft, the head, the testicles and even the prostate. Traditionally, the Sanskrit tradition honours the male member as a ‘wand of light’ due to its capacity to give and receive pleasure. As with other erotic massages based in spirituality, this too is about the journey rather than the climactic destination. Should the recipient of a lingam massage reach orgasm, the goal is to continue with multiple waves of pleasure coming afterwards. Get your member honoured with multiple orgasms by indulging in lingam massage today. 

Book an Escort for Erotic Massage 

No matter if you are in need of a solo massage for one-way pleasure or an exploratory session of eroticism with your partner, erotic massage can take almost any route you can think of. Some practices are more specialist than others, which may make them more scarce, but they are worth every penny for the sexual, physical and spiritual benefits they bring. Book an escort for an erotic massage today and discover what supreme eroticism you’ve been missing.