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What are your Escort's Best Attributes?

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Only you know what excites you

When it comes to meeting up with Escorts in Birmingham, you will come face to face with a range of women who are all gorgeous individuals. This is what makes them so appealing. Not only are they available 24 hours a day but they are all extremely diverse in their appearance and personalities. That means you are guaranteed to find someone in the West Midlands who will excite you so much that you will just have to meet up with her for an additional date.

However, the main question is what is it about these VIP escorts that drive clients so mad? Each client is looking for their perfect fit, meaning that they will need to take their time when scrolling through the wide range of escort profiles. However, once they have found their perfect fit, they will return to their Birmingham Escort's side time and time again. It takes a lot more than just a pretty face to deliver on top class escorting services, so let's consider what truly makes a client goes weak at the knees.

Physical Attributes

If there is one thing to admit about the escorts Birmingham has to offer is that their looks simply cannot be matched. These beautiful ladies all have extremely distinct and distinguished looks. They can't help but stand out in a room. However, it is entirely up to you to decide on what your favourite features you actually enjoy.

Hair Colour

One of the first thing that a client will notice about their escort is their hair colour. After all, these colours tend to determine first impressions that are made of the escort. For instance, if you see a blonde woman with bright blue eyes, the first thing you think about her is that she is fun-loving, bubbly and extremely friendly. According to The Telegraph,

"Daters can’t help but latch onto the first thing that grabs their eye, and lighter hair is both more rare and brighter."

This vision of youth may ultimately attract a gentleman to a blonde haired blue eyed escort's side, but remember that the other hair colours of your favourite escort should not be underestimated. If you end up going out on a date with one of these colourful escorts, you may find that you enjoy:


The first impressions you may get of this hair colour are that this 24-hour-escort is extremely bubbly and open minded. Not only that but she is extremely friendly and sociable. However, you may also get the unfortunate idea that she could be a little dim, vain or needy.


A Brunette companion can appear to be more serious and down-to-earth. Their chocolatey tones can give them a mature edge on their blonde associates. After all, you do not want someone who acts dramatic and over the top. You want someone calm, collected and independent. However, brunette hair can also give the impression that the wearer can be a little cold and unapproachable.

Red Hair

This fiery colour can lead to the feeling that the wearer is passionate and full of life. They are adventurous and always love being able to meet new people and have a good time. That is why you will always enjoy being around a gorgeous red-headed Birmingham companion. However, red hair may also give the appearance of the wearer having an unstable temper or acting a little too dramatic for their own good.

Alternative Hair Colours

Seeing a gorgeous escort with an unusual hair colour immediately leads to the idea that she is an individual. She knows how to make her hair colour suit her appearance and wants to stand out from the crowd. This sort of companion knows exactly who she is and is ready to share it with you. Unfortunately, as a lot of these alternative colours can appear extremely bold and dramatic, this can lead to them appearing intimidating.

Gorgeous Bodies

As we all know, every woman comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Every client is looking for the perfect body that will make them go crazy. Do you prefer a 24-hour-escorts who have the perfect hourglass shape, or do you prefer a curvier frame? A lovely Birmingham escort can be a gorgeous Amazonian or short. There are so many variations of body types that you will always be practically spoiled for choice. A lot of our escorts also have artistic tattoos on their body that they will always be happy to talk about. We believe that it is important for Birmingham Escorting Agencies to cater to all tastes and interests. That is why you will always have a range of beautiful women, and their stunning body types, to choose from.

Curvy Queens

Let's face it, it's natural that if you are looking to hire a Birmingham escort that you will come face to face with a range of women who have curves in all the right areas. Most clients adore a woman who has a soft pair of large breasts. After all, they look great and feel great. However, others may not be into these sort of curves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to meet with stunning ladies from an escort agency in Birmingham with a more athletic or slender build. Whilst this may mean that they do not have a large set of curves, their bodies are slim and toned and are always warm. They are just as good as cuddling as a curvy model is.

Fashionistas Galore

A sexy companion's fashion is just as important as her body. Without the perfect outfit on her form, you won't be able to see all of her womanly curves. That's why it's important to take note an escort's fashion to see if it is something you like. The escorts in Birmingham are here to represent you, therefore you want your chosen companion to have a fashion that they can be proud of. Whether the companion prefers to wear tiny dresses, business wear or just a casual outfit, a woman's fashion tends to show an insight into her personality and interests. So make sure to pick an escort whose fashion sense appeals to you.

Personality Attributes

Whilst it is always nice to meet up with a gorgeous woman, the last thing a client wants to see is that she is all face and no grace. A personality is extremely important when it comes to romance, and you want to see exactly what makes your escort tick.


If you are an older client, you may not be interested in women who act overly dramatic and clingy. Instead, you want someone who is mature about life and is fiercely independent. These sort of models are great for conversation and can leave you feeling refreshed, as they always know the correct thing to say to make you feel good. They are extremely approachable and make you feel fantastic about yourself.


Whether you are looking to explore your sexuality in the bedroom, or just want to take your escort out travelling, the adventurous types of companions are always ready to encounter the new and learn something new. They are extremely positive and always great to be around. They can inspire you to move to new heights and improve yourself as you have never done before.


When you are meeting a gorgeous escort for dinner, you want to have a way to break the ice. A sexy companion with a sense of humour is a great way to make any client feel comfortable and welcome around her. If you are feeling sad, then this sort of personality is the perfect thing to perk you right up.


Whilst you are on a date, you want to have a sense of romance hanging in the air. That is why it is a great feeling to know that your companion can be a bit of a tease. She loves being able to flirt subtly with you, whether that is through her conversation or the occasional round of footsie under the table. These sort of flirtatious escorts make for the perfect temptress and can spice up any evening.

Do you know how to use our Attribute Filter System?

In order to help meet your high standards, Hot Birmingham Escorts has implemented a category filter system. No longer will you solely have a "generalised filter" that will give you one attribute to go off, instead, our filter will hold different categories that you can click on to bring your best match forward. For instance, if you are interested in finding an escort with a specific hair colour, such as blonde, go to the hair colour tab and click on your favourite colour. That will bring all of the blonde escorts forward.

You can do the same for Availability, Age, Body Type, Bust, A-Z names and the Price of your Escorts. By utilising this system, you can sort through the different companions and find the Birmingham Escorts you want to book at a faster rate. The filter can be accessed by visiting our Gallery

What do you like about your Escort?

It can be a daunting experience booking an escort for the first time. After all, you are meeting up with a woman you barely know. However, when you finally meet up with your chosen beauty, you will always find that she was worth the wait.

So, what is it that you like about your escort? Make sure you consider what your favourite attributes are before you make your final choice!