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What does it take to be an Escort?

Certain professions are especially suited to people with certain character traits, for example, if you're wanting to be a teacher, it's important that patience is something that you're very good at demonstrating because of the nature of the profession and how demanding it can be. As escorting is also a profession, it's something that isn't necessarily for everyone and if you're considering becoming an escort, it's useful to know if you've got what it takes.

Of course, not every escort steps into the industry with 100% knowledge and experience, and over time has become more confident and popular amongst clients, but you need a base foundation of particular traits to help you succeed in this industry.


We don't mean you have to be the loudest person in the room, but that base confidence to build upon is important to ensure you flourish in this profession. A lot of clients are reserved and rely on the escort to lead the date and conversation, and help break out of their shell so if you have a hard time being sociable, this would be particularly difficult for you to carry out and you'll both spend the evening twiddling your thumbs. Knowing how to interact with people and lead conversations is an excellent trait to have if you're wanting to become an escort as it also shows the clients that you know what you're doing and that you're more than capable of making their evening way more special than any other evening.


The escorting industry is a bustling industry as it's not dependant on seasons as people are looking for companionship all the time for various different reasons and occasions. However, this isn't to mean that it can be prone to a few dry spells now and again, which is mostly dependant on the quality of services you offer and your own popularity as an escort. Having drive to constantly motivate yourself and find new and innovative ways to set yourself ahead of the game is a decent trait to keep you with the mentality of putting in 100% effort into every booking you have.


As we're all human, obviously not every single client you come across would be someone who you'd personally choose to spend time with. Therefore it's good that you are able to demonstrate patience as you may sometimes encounter clients who can be particularly challenging, whether they try haggle, pry into your personal life too much, or just downright rude. You can choose not to see this client again if your experience was this off-putting, however during the booking it's important to remain calm and courteous and polite at all times as after all, you are providing a paid service.

These traits are key to help you become a successful and popular escort, and of course are things that will improve and progress as your profession develops. Being in such a sociable profession will help you with your confidence, as well as helping you flourish socially outside of escorting too. We hope this post gave you a bit of insight on the types of traits you need to carry to give you more reassurance and insight as to whether this is the right profession for you or not. Thanks for reading!