Our Guide To Roleplay

The Levels of Role Play

It's no secret that both beginner and hard-core role players can enjoy a sexual release with one of the experts on our roleplay escorts gallery. But before you dive in, consider what level of roleplay you want to undertake. If you feel a little nervous about role-playing with your companion in Birmingham, you may just want to take things slow and just use costumes. However, you may also want to consider some of these other options:


What sort of scenarios are for me?

Now, this depends on how far you want to go with your beautiful escort, but you can choose to be as naughty as you please in terms of scenarios. Here are some examples to get you started:

Master and Slave

Now, this can be a bit more of a kinkier scenario, especially if you are someone who is into domination or BDSM. It does not matter whether you or your escort is the slave or master. What truly matters is that submissive does everything that they are told and they do not disobey. You can even mix up these roles with some time play!

Time Play

Are you a bit of a romantic and love the elegance of the Victorian or Edwardian period? Or perhaps you want to have some fun based in the 1960s. Well, time play is the perfect thing for your role play. Pick a time period you want to enjoy and try crafting some characters that would best suit the period. This can be a noble lady and a lower-class poet or perhaps a knight returning back to claim his princess. These sorts of roleplays can require a little more imagination but are completely worth it!

Rockstar and Fan

So you've just finished a gig and have found that one of your loyal fans have snuck backstage. You want to give them something to remember you by, so why not indulge with some intimacy with this? This sort of role play can be really fun, especially if you really characterise up the sort of people you are going to act as.

Feeling nervous?

Don't worry if you are feeling a little shy before you undertake a roleplay. It is a big thing to jump into and you may end up feeling a little nervous that you won't be able to perform. The main thing you need to do is relax. Roleplay is not a serious thing and instead, it should be fun for both you and your Birmingham escort. If you mess up or break character, don't worry. You do not need to take it seriously and instead just roll with whatever is said. If something makes you laugh then have fun and enjoy the moment. That way you can fully express yourself alongside your beautiful companion.

Common Types of Role Play Escort Service

If you're not sure what types of costumes you should keep hung up in your wardrobe for future bookings, read on for a bit of creative inspiration:


One of the most common role-play costumes out there, the nurse costumes come in so many different forms and styles depending on your own personal taste and preference. Consult with your client to see if there's any costume in particular that he would like you to wear, he might want you in tight white hot pants or a more authentic little pinafore nurse dress. Take care of your client who needs a little more TLC than usual and adds more realism with props such as stethoscopes. Treat your poorly patient to a nice hot sponge bath, and watch you both succumb to pleasure as you lather him up.

Nurse Outfit

French Maid

Look saucy, and classy at the same time for your client with this simple, yet flirty costume. Pair this costume with the right pair of stilettos to help you reach all the high up parts with your feather duster. Play the role of an obedient maid who lives to please her master, and who has a hard time with discretion when it comes to bending over to pick things up. Adding matte red lips adds some old Hollywood glamour to the look and a touch of sophistication.


Dirty Cop

Show your client the corrupt side of the law as you give him a good searching to be sure he's not packing anything he shouldn't be. Take full control with this role, and add more realism with your already sexy and skintight leather police costume (you can get them in other materials too, whatever your preference) with a pair of handcuffs. Handcuff your prisoner and have him succumb to you as you demonstrate for him what happens to naughty boys.



Add some more fun and flirtation to the evening by getting a sexy school girl costume. This role gives your client full control as he can play the role of a teacher who's caught the attention of a naughty and flirty school girl. A daring and forbidden type of scenario ups the ante between you and your client and really heats things up even more as he initially refrains from giving in to you cheekily batting your eyelids at him, or dropping your pencil in front of his desk to give him a good view of whats under your skirt.

School Girl outfit


Thanks to Hugh Hefner and his famous Playboy Mansion, the bunny girl outfit has become a firm favourite amongst women to keep the fancy dress spirits up as well as ensuring sexiness. Give your client a little chase and keep his attention on your derriere with a cute little rabbit tail and ears to make him just want you eat you up.

Bunny Outfit

We hope these recommendations triggered off a little creative spark in your mind and has made you want to go out and find some cool costumes to experiment with. Thanks for reading, and have fun!